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C&I old railroad bed trail

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Relitivaly smoothe but water drainage and previous years of quad and dirtbike riders made about 4 foot tall whoops for about an 5 mile section of trail in the one direction the other direction includes a cement bridge that goes over belsano
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January 5, 2011

Overall Rating
 3 of 5

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 2 of 5

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 2 of 5

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Every few months

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Reviewed by: Honda cr ,  Racer

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Either direction It is going to be connected to the Ghost town trail this spring and be done by late spring to early summer its an easy trail but fun the one direction starts to have big rocks after about 8 miles

Honda cr (01/05/2011)
Trail is right beside Pressier road Yellow gate at start of trail The Tounship is connecting it to another trail Ghost town trail IF you have no idea where colver is its about 20 min outside of johnstown PA aka location of thunder in the valley hope this help i would really enjoy to see more people get involved in this sport
Honda cr (03/02/2011)
The bridge project is apparently finished so it now has a 36 mile loop its a great trail it would be great to see this new branch of it get used regularly
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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)