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Buzzards Point

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mostly rolling double track with rocky singletrack towards end
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Trail Directions
Rt 903 north to Behrens rd(approx 1/2 mi past caseys landing) Behrens rd Bears off to left. Follow behrens rd for approx 1 3/4 miles and enter into parking lot of game lands on left just passed a fenced in area with horses. continue straight through gate. Continue straight, you will pass a number of fields and side trails. at 0.6 turn right at Y onto a dirt rd. do not go straight. at 1.7 go right at T and continue straight past a gate. at 1.7 bear right at Y. at 2.6 continue straight at Y. At 2.7 bear left at Y. at 3.1 go left at Y. after a downhill, you will come to a grassy clearing you have 1 of 2 options at this pt. You can park the bike and hike down the rocky singletrack to a nice overlook of the gorge or you can go nuts and ride!! I decided to ride and it was cool! Just dont make the same mistake I did if you continue all the way to the bottom, it will come out at "butcher hollow" which spills into teh lehigh. At either of the 2 Y's go right and it should bring you out at penn haven eventually? I took a trail at the bottom of Butcher hollow(it was not much of a trail just a rock embankment, eventually, it turned into a trail and then brought us out at penn haven, use caution in area of butcher hollow. The rocks are very slick with moss. if your not in for a technical hike, reverse directions back to lot. Good Luck, for more detailed instructions, pick up the Mtn Biking guide at blue mtn sports.
Trail Length
8.4 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Jim Thorpe

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