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Bee Hive

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The fire roads In this area are very well marked. Take the Rock Run Rd. up a 8% to 10% grade past Lyman Run Vista and the large glacier rocks approx. 2.5 to 3 miles to the Bee Hive trail on your left marked with a sign and blue blaze. the trail Is single track winding along the top of this 2000' range for 2 miles. The last mile Is a decent In a tight rock infested valley, very technical and slow. At the wide ATV trail a left will take you back to your vehicle. Many trail combinations are here In the state forest playground.
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Galeton Is located between coudersport Pa and Wellsboro Pa along Pa route 6. Turn at the Acorn market/Exxon gas station (west st.) continue for seven miles to Lyman Run State Park. Park In the Parking lot at the park. Maps available at the park office.
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miles 5.5
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