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Signal Butte

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This ride is about 1/2 logging road and 1/2 technical single track. Has both intermediate and advanced sections. About 1800 feet of climbing with awesome 360 deg views at the top. Ride east up the logging road. You'll eventually go across a dirt barrier in the road. Some easement dispute is happening. This is or was a public access road to the national forest. Keep going. You'll cross into National Forest land. In about 2-3 miles and just under 1300 feet of climbing, you'll hit the 100 (3313) forest service road. Go right. Stay on the 100 for about a mile or less and take the 102 spur road to the right. This road heads south up hill about mile and splits. Take the 103, the right split. Follow it for about mile. You'll find a 4-wheeler track to your left heading up directly south. This is the first trail on you left that you will come to. Climb up 600 feet to the Signal Buttes ridge top. You will pass a 4-wheel trail to your right that leads up to the top of the highest butte. This is a great place for lunch if it's not windy. 360 degree views all around, including Cape Blanco to the north, Snowy crested peaks to the south. The Kalmiopsis to the east and the Rogue Reefs to the west. After this butte sidetrack, you'll go back to the main trail. It is still heading in a southerly direction. It will begin to curve toward the west and about mi or so, will split. The right fork is a little overgrown. The left (forward) direction is fairly well traveled. Stay right and head toward the west down around the buttes. This is a pretty technical and sometimes very rocky 4-wheeler track that eventually takes you back to Saunders Creek Road. The best part is, that it's all downhill. The first sign of the human race is when the track T's on what looks like a logging road at someone's garden. Go right down the hill and stay on this road until it Ts on Saunders Creek road. Take a right and go about mile to you vehicle.
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Trail Directions
Take Jerry's Flat Road on the south bank of the Rogue River for about 3-4 miles. About 150 feet past Secret Camp RV park is Saunders Creek Road to the right. Take this road about 4-5 miles until you cross a bridge. There is a pull-out here where you can park. This is the south fork of Jim Hunt Creek.
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10.8 miles
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
Gold Beach
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