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Rickreall Ridge

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Epic! For a killer loop park at the Gravel Pit mentioned in the Burma Peak review. Ride in the flat reservoir road for approx. 13 miles then go up on 1950. Take a map because its a little confusing getting up to the top. Once on 1950 stay on the main part until you get to a T intersection then turn left. At a gravel pit go straight into the brush onto an old jeep road and climb in your 22x34, staying left when possible. Recent logging plugged up the last bit of the climb so hike and wade through the rest until you reach the top road. From here cross and go into the woods 1/8 mile and rest at Silver Falls. Get back on the road and go up until you reach mainline, then right, then right again onto K-line. From here find the Ridge trail according to the description and start your decent. The trail follows the ridgeline in the woods for a ways then down a rocky shoot to where it open for a full view of the Dallas Riding Area. There are remnants of some rock walls that my seriously ADHD trail-building buddy stacked up one day. After the expose ridge runs out you will end up on jeep trail then road to an intersection. From here ride or walk up the steep skid road to the top of the next hill and veer right towards the east. After some gravel road down then up take a right on another old road then left onto a trail known as Mile Hill. Race your friends down this one then hit a road again up and over the next hill. Now you are near Rock House cave, the halfway point and ready to hit the Burma Trail. Get the Socialist Valley and Laurel Mountain USGS maps and run your finger on top of Rickreall Ridge, thats the trail. By doing this loop you may put in 40+ miles so bring some extra water and goodies. The author claims no responsibility for any lost souls. If you want to add an extra few miles on the way up then pop over to the Falls City trail above Camp Tapawingo near Socialist Valley. Theres a bit of logging road involve but do it all once and you might have a better idea of the potential Dallas has. Once a motorcycle haven, unbelievable overgrown trails exist everywhere and only 1% has been tapped. HEY GUYS, GET OFF OF TANGLEWOOD AND FIND THE OTHER TRAILS!!!! THE BASES ARE GROOMED AND ALL THAT IS NEED IS SOME MACHETTE AND BOWSAW WORK. Throw a dart at a map of the Dallas area and I guarantee theres an overgrown trail that goes to it.
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Trail Directions
Trail starts on K-line road up on Laurel Mtn. near the big round radar tower. K-line is a road off of Mainline which begins as Black Rock Road. Stay left on K-line until you get to a flat area with uphill 4WD ruts, then turn around and ride back a short ways, 1/8 to 1/4 mile, looking hard left and down over your shoulder for the entrance. Tough to find but worth it. There is a very small pullout with a large rock exposed across from the entrance. It is Rickreall Ridge.
Trail Length
6 miles to the cave then it's Burma Peak
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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March 31, 2002

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 3 of 5

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Reviewed by: Tim , from Rickreall, OR

Ah crap, I made a mistake in the trail description. Don't take 1950 up, this will take you to the bottom of the trail. The road number is something like 1980. This is the last road up before the main road turns southeast and towards the falls city area. E-mail me for a map. I would rate the loop at a three star. Most people who ride might not like the commentment of a long gravel road ride and hike-a-bike section. But the trail rocks. Bring a bowsaw and help keep it clear since it is on the top of a wind blown ridge.

AntonL (05/14/2013)
If you're still active can you email me a map? Im in Monmouth and would love to check out this trail and Burma Peak.
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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)