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Osgood Ditch Trail

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This is a beautiful and challenging trail tucked away in the mountains of southern oregon. Far from any population base to speak of, it receives very little use except the diehard locals. The trail follows an old mining ditch built by Chinese workers in the 1860s. It rambles along at an even grade but is very narrow and technical. The ditch is carved into a steep and rocky hillside and the trail hugs the mountain side. At places it is quite technical and exposed. You don't want to fall like Matt did!! After about two miles, the trail drops steeply down to the Illinois River. Cross the river and pick up the trail on the other side. The track here is just a technical, rocky, steep with lots of oak anoyya in the summer. Follow trail up and over until you come back at the river farther downstream. The second river crossing leads to a short setion of singletrack followed by a fast and rough and rutted jeep road back to the parking lot. Just below the parking lot is a great swimming hole, perfect to cool off in during the hot southern Oregon summers.
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Follow Takilma Road through the community of Takilma. When the road turns to gravel, turn right following signs for Bybee Gulch Rd. Cross the Green Bridge and go left for about 300 yards. Park at the intersection/campground. Follow Bybee Gulch Road up (away from the river) for 1 mile. The trailhead is marked by a signpost in the middle of a sharp corner.
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