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Mt Eiljih Oregon Caves

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Follow the fire road up a 5 mile long continously steep gravel road. This part of the ride is totaly brutal so start out easy. You eventually get up to a place callled "Emerald city" where a bunch of trails meet. Take the first two lefts continueing along the fire roads. After 2 more miles including hills long and steep enoughf to kill you and your entire family you see a single track starting to the left. This is the lake mountain trail. It consists of about 23 switch backs that climb about 1100 feet. The trail heads on a ridge to the back and eventually the top of Mt Eilijh 6000 some feet. Then point you bike down hill and enjoy 2000+ feet of continous downhill singletrack. Lots of steep rockey bits at first. Then it just swoops through the trees and through streams over logs. This is a seroiusly cool ride if you ever do it or consider doing to Email and ill give you more good info. After the ride their is a good chineese joint on the left side of town in cave junction. Pork fry rice and ice tea please.
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From highway 5 take the exit to Grants Pass follow the signs to the OREGON CAVES. In cave junction turn left onto The caves highway 46 Go up the LONG hill with all the switch backs(good on a road bike) Park at the oregon caves national monument. The trail starts at the fire road just before the monument.
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
Cave Junction

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