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Kassidy's Fire Road

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I believe this is a fire road, but's it's hard to tell. It's full of beautiful sights to see. There are some good mountain views, forest, and animals. It starts out in the Deschutes River Woods area, and ends at Lava Butte.
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Trail Directions
To get to this trail, get off the exit to Baker Road off of Highway 97, turn right if your going south. Then, turn left on to Cinder Butte. Follow this road till the second turn off on the left. You'll be on this road for a while. Then, you will have to turn right on the last road on this street, called Mohawk. It's a dirt road. There will be a hill on the road, and at the bottom of it there's a left turn onto another road. Follow this road till the end, and then you can walk/carry/ride your bike up a short stone covered hill. Go straight from here, and you will see the trail.
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Pretty Darn Long
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
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