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Scipio Trail

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The first phase of this trail development consists of about 8 miles of singletrack. The trail is rocky in areas and there are several climbs and downhills. There is one epic downhill at the end of the trail that is over a mile of some of the steepest trails in the state. There are also fireroads that the gas pumpers use. This land is owned by the Tulsa Trailriders, so you will share the trails with equestian riders and ATV's.
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Trail Directions
Look on a map and find Scipio. Its about 15 miles NW of McAlester. From Scipio, drive due west approximately 5 miles until the road turns north and you will see the entrance on your left. The entrance gate is marked Arkla Gas Co.
Trail Length
8 miles
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July 7, 2002

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 5 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: Paul , from McAlester

Course Description: Located 25 miles NW of McAlester, (22 miles South of Henryetta) this riding area consists of 1740 acres of virgin land. The acquisition of the property has been an on-going project (5 years) of the Tulsa Trail Riders. The facility has everything from rocks to sand, and the TTR is still in the process of laying out trails. It is truly expansive, as the perimeter of the property alone is 16 miles in length. Those who have seen this majestic terra have fallen in love with its awesome views and breathtaking vistas. It will become the States 1st riding area controlled by and managed by people who do it in the dirt. Ugh, maybe I should have said, "in the rocks". It is about 1700 acres, and will open to the public sometime late 2002 or sometime in 2003. The initial trails have been made to support an Enduro and a Cross Country Race. Needless to say, the current course is for the more experienced rider or one who seriously wants to test themselves. There are no gas stops once you get off at exit 82 so be sure to gas up before you exit.

Recommended Route:
I found these descriptions from another sight and thought it would be helpful.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)