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Radar Hill

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It's a fast singletrack, regretably short, but with some good technical stuff. It is all downhill with a great log ramp. At the end there will be a fork; go straight (right) for a simple bridge crossing and the end of the trail, left for a steep and tricky shale hill as the end of the trail. At the end of this trail is another trail. This second trail is a climb-it-and-ride-back-down-it trail. #2 is a steep climb and a fast downhill. Both trails are short but sweet. They can be as difficult as you want them to be. Take 'em slow if you're a nancy or fast if you're like me.
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Trail Directions
On Ohio University campus, find "The Ridges" (its a group of departmental buildings). You'll find a gravel path that only goes up. (a good, hard climb if you take it fast) Once you reach the high point, you'll see a windy, grassy downhill that leads to the trail.
Trail Length
0.5 - 1 mile
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
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Review Date
July 5, 2002

Overall Rating
 1 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Ridden Once

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Reviewed by: Athenian , from Athens, OH, USA

The trail has been closed ever since OU acquired the former Athens Lunatic Asylum grounds on which it sits. The gravel path leading up to Radar Hill used to still be open to bikes, but even that is now iffy. The biotech folks are possessive of their land--guess they don't want bikers disturbing the genetic monstrosities they are engineering in the Edison Biotech Center. But seriously, save us the bad press, and don't ride here. If you're in Athens anyway, it's worth a ride up to the old Asylum grounds (brick streets, not trails...). Not challenging as a ride, but a very spooky place.

Recommended Route:
This trail is part of the Ohio University biology department's land lab and is closed to bikes. Don't ride here.

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Wayne National Forest (5 stars), Lake Hope (4 stars)

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Review Date
April 18, 2000

Overall Rating
 2 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Once a week

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Reviewed by: B , from Massillon, Ohio

I like this trail. It's easy to get to, and a fast ride. Riding this one slow is not the way to go. The trail is narrow and drops off to the right, so if you fall, don't fall to the right.
At the end you can choose a simple bridge crossing or a killer shale hill as the closer. I recomend the shale closer. It's steep and slick. Don't try it if you are beginner.
This trail can be for everyone. It's as tough as you want to make it. It's narrow and fast, so be careful, whatever your skill level may be.

Recommended Route:
Go up to the ridges and climb up to the top of Radar Hill. There is a grassy downhill that leads to the singletrack. Actually, the grassy downhill is kind of fun as well.
Once you finish this trail, head up to the right for another. That is a steep 5 minute climb. You climb this one to get to ride back down it.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
Cell's park (the unknown one by Kroger).

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Reviews 1 - 2 (2 Reviews Total)