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Giant dirt climb is the start of this crazy ride. There is a nasty drop in half way up, or keep climbing (if you can) to get to top of this jungle of a trail.Once at top you can fly down for a great Rough fast ride, or hang at right at first trail break and get crazy with it. This is a trail meant for something with and engine, it's neither clean or maintained, but good hard core fun. Don't take a newbie with you or you won't ride with that person again. Watch out for 4x4 trucks and rednecks. Can ride a hardtail but a FS bike would be better for this...
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North on Rt 4 take a left on High St. keep going straight on High will turn in to Main. Look for Lowes on left turn at Steak and Shake and park at bottem of Wal-Mart parking lot..
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Very short but if in area, worth the broken bike parts
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