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Hock Farm

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This trail is used primarily for racing only - I'm not sure if you can ride on non-race days. Call and ask. I found it relatively easy, considering the other MTB places in the area (Vultures & Mohican). Narrow single-track that at some points gets a little wider. Only a couple of climbs that are not steep. There are some man-made features, including bridges, and a few jumps (pretty cool). There are some tight switchbacks that test the technical skills. A good trail for racing, you can get going as fast as the conditions allow. When I raced there was 5 inches of snow on the ground. Check out my pictures at www.dublintrails.homestead.com
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Trail Directions
Off I-71, exit at Rt 39. Turn left at exit, go about 1/4 mile and turn right on Mt. Zion Rd. Go about 1.5 miles and turn right on Wallace Rd. The Hock Farm is the first place on the left. Look for the red barn.
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4.5 miles
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