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Wilson's Ridge

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Located in Caldwell County, approx 2 miles past the Wilson Creek Resort, the trailhead is not marked but there is a slight turnoff and a noticeable trailhead to the right if your coming from Wilson Creek. the first section of the trail is a pretty good 900-1000 foot climb up the side of the mountains. Its 95% rocky/rooty singletrack, with some areas not as rocky. Trail can ridden on a hardtail, but there are a couple spots that are to rocky and you might as well pick up the bike and carry it. Full suspension would be appreciated, especially on the ride back down, although I did pretty well with my Cannondale F7 hardtail. once you complete the climb you reach a clearing that is approx. 75' x 65'. I believe this is a helicopter landing area should there be a need to airlift person or persons off the mountain. This is a good place to stop for a short break before crossing the clearing an picking up the fireroads. There are several different roads you can take and I have not been on all of them for lack of time. But they are almost all downhill and you can get some serious speed and find some really cool views of the valley below and surrounding mountains. The ride back down the trail is definitely worth the climb up. This trail overall is a good ride, so check it out if your in the area. [The picture posted is not an image of the trailhead, it's actually a picture of the trail about halfway up. ]
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November 1, 2010

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Reviewed by: cannondalef7 ,  Weekend Warrior

Okay, so now that i have a few more trials under my belt, I would say dont waste your time on this one unless you just love a technical and rocky climb.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)