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Rabun Bald

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This is not necessarily a Mountain Bike destination trail, rather it is one of the best options should you be in the Highlands, Scaly Mountain or Sky Valley area. It is 1/2 4x4 road and 1/2 part of the Bartram Trail. You can mix it up by climbing the 1 mile 4x4 road, then at the Junction of the road and Bartram Trail turn left (counter clockwise) and go down the 1 mile singletrack/hiking trail. Then to it clockwise or go up and down either trail.
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Trail Directions
From road 106, turn east on Hale Ridge Road. The road will split with Hale Ridge continuing due East, follow the curve to the right and approx 2 miles you will see a black paved road shooting uphill east toward Rabun Bald parking lot.
Trail Length
2 Miles
Trail Level
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
Scaly Mountain
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