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Mill Ridge Loop

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Drive to where Hwy 25 passes under the Appalachain Trail overpass and take the gravel road to a designated gravel parking area located one mile from Hwy 25.

The ride begins north out the parking area up a gravel road through a forest service gate. The forest road continues a gradual upward climb for less than a half mile and then levels out and turns east where one can see views north to Rich Mountain. Soon thereafter, the forest road turns south and begins a long, gradual downhill. During the downhill, keep right at an unmarked road junction and you will reach a single track trail on your right at about 2.5 - 3 miles. Turn right onto the single track and climb up a fairly technical ~1 mile stretch until you reach a gravel road. Turn right on the gravel road and return to the parking area.

If you prefer singletrack downhills, ride this loop counterclockwise.
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