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McAlpine Creek Greenway Park

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Mostly a hard packed service road with a few single track trails leading of into wooded area and around a small lake. This trail seems to be geared towards joggers, walkers, families and easy Sunday afternoon rides. The trail begins at McAlpine Park entrance off Independence and goes west along McAlpine creek. You can also head east and connect to a few miles of paved trail that winds through suburbs before ending. Smaller single track side trails head off to various housing areas or shopping centers. This trail is good for kids with training wheels, older folks on beach cruisers and families with lots of kids. Roller bladers can use the paved sections. As far as hard mountain biking - this isn't the place. Head to Cataba, Cane Creek or Renaissance.
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Trail Directions
South Eastern Charlotte - Park runs from near 7500 East Independance Blvd under Monroe Rd and ends at 7500 Sardis Rd.
Trail Length
8 miles (loops)
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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