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Big Creek

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This trail runs from Little Pisgah Tunnel (mile marker 407) on the Blue Ridge Parkway to the old Hendersonville Reservoir Road. 5 miles total. The first 2 miles are very steep and technical but more like a kinder,gentler Kitsuma. If you have good skills on tight, steep single track, this ride will be a treat. You may also have to stop many times to rest your brakes and your forearms. The remaining three miles are mostly flat with lots of rocky, rooty techincal challenges along the way. Also be prepared for 6 hike-a-bike creek crossings and after heavy rains these can be wild and treacherous. Most of the time thought, you can do these without getting your feet wet. I like to link this trail with others in that area. Linking with Laurel Mtn makes a nice 4 - 8 hour epic. A good shuttle is to leave a car at BentCreek Gap on the parkway, drive up to the trail head and finish your ride (many options) back at Bent Creek gap.
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Get on the Blue Ridge Parkway where it crosses NC191. Drive south about 13 miles and through Little Pisgah Tunnel. Turn around where possible and park just before the tunnel on the right where large boulders block and old road bed. Push up the old road. A trail snakes through some old road constructions rocks then heads down some steps. Get on your bike and enjoy!
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5 Miles
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Pisgah NF trails illustrated
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