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Wilson Tuscarora State Park

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starts out as semi-groomed multi use trail through a meadow area. You may see deer or other wildlife. Further on, goes through a wooded area that runs along a creek embankment. Some challenging areas with uphill and downhill sections with exposed tree roots and the like. Ends up at Bullhead Point-a popular fishing spot. Turn around and go back-if you go much further you will end up on private posted property. Watch out for broken glass fragments at Bullhead Point.
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Trail Directions
From Buffalo: Rt. 290 to Rt. 62. Take 62 north to Rt. 425. Take 425 north all the way to village of Wilson (watch for signs!). In Wilson-go through traffic light, then take next left (Pettit Street) Take Pettit St. to Rt. 18. Turn left onto Rt. 18. Take Rt. 18 west until you see Martin's Restaurant on your left (south side of Rt. 18) Just past Martin's is Noble Drive. Turn onto Noble Drive and go all the way to end (short dead-end street). Park at end of Noble Drive-trailhead is there. Note: This is the south part of Wilson Tuscarora State Park (the free part!) You can cross Rt. 18 and ride the trail on the north (Lake side) of the Park as well, combining for available trails of about 7 miles. (You'll have to pay if you take your car into the north park, though)
Trail Length
About 4 miles round trip
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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