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Wildwood State Park

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Four Trails Yellow Trail: (3.8 miles) The trail starts off as a broken asphalt fire road but the asphalt soon disappears. There's 8 rest stops along the trail (with benches and trail maps), the 2nd one of which is handy for those looking for a respite between the 1st two hill climbs. Upon reaching, the crest of the second hill you got a nice but gradual decent of about 1/2 mile. Pedal right past Rest Stop No. 3 and continue straight, then the trail bends left towards the bluffs. For mid day rides, Wildwood is my favorite trip as a stop at Rest Stop No. 4 provides a great lunch spot with an outstanding bluff top view, 150 feet above the beach looking out over Long Island Sound. Continuing on, the fire road turns south, soon gets grass covered and runs uphill to a point where you'll come to an intersection. Making a left here will bring you down another fire road to the beach. The trip back up is not an easy one though. Even going down, watch out for ruts you won't see cause they are filled with leaves or snow. Continuing on from the beach turnoff, it gets a bit confusing as the trails are not well marked at the next intersection. You'll have a choice of going straight, going right or making two different lefts. Take either left (heading east again) as they merge a few hundred feet away. You'll see some houses as you near the end of the park, make a run across a small field and come out of this section heading west as you reach rest Stop No. 5. There is no trail map at this location. Continue on and you'll go thru a short section of pine forest and Rest Stop No. 7 is located between two successive hill climbs. Right after you crest, when coming downhill it seems as if the trail goes right but the yellow trail actually turns off left, then down another hill which is usually rutted enough to make it interesting. A short, gradual climb is followed by another long but gradual decent which takes you out into the camping area. Look left for the "Canteen" and follow the paved roads out to the main entrance road where a right will take you back to the parking lot. The downhill trip on the asphalt will let you get into those small gears and let you exceed the speed limit with little effort. A right turn back onto the broken asphalt fire road will get you started on the blue trail....when that's done, try the orange or red....or the yellow again for another take at that LI Sound view. Blue Trail - 2.9 miles Orange Trail - 2.3 miles Red Trail - 1.8 miles Every single time I have done this trail I have seen herds of deer. If the significant other and any little ones don't ride, they can collect sea shells on the beach, enjoy the children's playground and have some snacks at the picnic tables.
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Trail Directions
LIE (Route 495) to Exit 68 North. Follow William Floyd Parkway to end and head east (make right) on Route 25A. Follow about 3.5 miles and make left on Sound Avenue. Follow about 1.2 miles, make left (head north) on Hulse Landing Road and it's about 3/4 mile to State Park Entrance on right. Follow park entrance road to large parking area on left (everything on right is for camping). Park in middle of parking field as close to entrance road as possible. Parking Fee during season. There are 4 trails (Yellow, Blue, Orange and Red) all of which begin at the same location, heading east. The other, shorter trails follow much of the same route as the yellow but turn off north at various points along the way. To find the trail head, look for the caretaker's residence (yellow house) on the opposite side of the entrance road from the parking field. There's an asphalt walkway out of the parking field which heads directly towards this house. Upon reaching the entrance road in front of this house turn right and go about 100 feet, making a left at the first opportunity where you'll find some broken asphalt heading off in an easterly direction.
Trail Length
10.8 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads
Wading River
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