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Waterford-Halfmoon Heritage Trail

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Follow the old canal towpath north, taking a small detour to check out the Waterford waterfront area (you can ride the steps here, but don't harrass any pedestrians). Follow the trail through town. Just past a railroad bridge, there is a single track to the right with some dirt jumps, etc. to check out. WARNING- there was a lot of glass there the last time I rode it. Return to the towpath trail and continue north for several miles. A double track ATV trail leads up the ridge to the left- ride it if you dare, but it is off-camber and very muddy. Continue north on the towpath trail, over the landfill behind GE Waterford. Follow the train north until you encounter doubletrack ATV trails on both sides of the trail. The trails to the left lead to the Lower Newtown Road ATV trails- muddy and well-rutted doubletracks that head up into the hills. Continue north on the towpath trail until it ends at Lower Newtown Road in Halfmoon.
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Trail Directions
Begins at Dam on Rte. 32 in Waterford. Park on the street somewhere nearby or at the fishing area.
Trail Length
15 miles (out and back)
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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