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Turning Point

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Nice uphill gravel/pave, good creek crossings both on the north and south end, trail paths stemming everywhere off the pave. Some 4wheelers run around in there sometimes, some ruts, especially after the rains, But if you head all the way north (just follow the river on your left) to the train tracks and ride the side of the tracks like 3/4 mile, trail on the right has some really nice steep runs, crossings and jumps, wicked fun, has something for everyone
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depending on where your coming from, it's off Lake Ave, running paralell with the Genny River. If your heading south from the lake, it's right past captain's cove (a bar) at the stop light take a left, take first and only right to the end of the road (1/2 mile) and your in the park.
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Review Date
December 28, 2001

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Once a week

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Reviewed by: andyk , from Rochester

1 - "Turning Point South" - this is the main park area around the parking lot. The woods around the p-lot have mostly mellow trails with a few nice features - a 20 ft hill with a air-able ramp in the run-out, some nice gullies & some short technical sections. This is where you'll see the most people/hikers. Its never really crowded, but be aware. There's a paved path which leads down to the river and turns to dirt with some very moderate "mess around" type of stuff. The best part is the "lower woods" which are a bit south of the plot. Access them off of the paved bike path or of the dirt trail climb leading up from the river. This is the most technical piece with 3-4 nice stream xings, some rocky/rooty singletrack and so on. Follow the trails & explore.
2 - Turning Point North - about 1/2 mile north, along the RR tracks, off to the right. Ride the rocky side or ride the trackbed - just watch for the daily freight train!!! Lotsa fun modest sized area with a series of moderate hills, a very nice gully/stream crossing & a bunch of stuff to zip around on. Watch for the ATV ruts in spots & for the occasional 4 wheeler or dirt bike.

3-"Moto- 4 wheel" area. From the p-lot go south along the tracks, under the Lake ave bridge to the second bridge - an old RR bridge - riding areas are on either side. You can also ride the paved bike path, from the p-lot all the way to Lake Ave - cross Lake Ave - & pick up trailheads almost directly across or off of the first 2 dead end side streets. This area has been built by the local ATVers & dirt bikers. There not a rock or root to be found but there are LOTS of interesting features for a more free-ride/DH/BMX type of feel. A nice big bowl/ampitheatre area, another with a couple of doubles, airable bumps and a modest halfpipe, plus another couple a general areas. Tends towards the sandy in spots, no need to mention the DEEP GROOVES cause you can't miss em. Again, not huge in itself but loads of fun courtesy of the neighborhood motorized fun lovers.

Recommended Route:
There is some good riding roughly centered around Turning Point Park in Charlotte; the three main areas can all be accessed from the main parking lot - located at the end of Boxart St. This is actually a City of Rochester Park, riding may even be legal here. Even if its not I've ridden right by police, park workers, DEC, etc with nary a problem - so things are pretty mellow at worst - just use regular common sense & the place will stay cool. All of the areas are a network type of setup where you learn the layout & put them together however you want.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
I've never been anywhere else, these spots are a 5 minute ride from my house, I don't really need anything else! My rating may be a bit high (I only started this year - but I've progressed pretty well because of Turning Point) because I don't have a lot of experience or perspective - but my guess is if you put in a little exploration time you'll find some real urban goodies.

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Review Date
June 18, 2001

Overall Rating
 3 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Ridden Once

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Reviewed by: cameron , from mississauga,ont.,canada

there are three ways to go from the park entrence each starts out with some easy paved and dirt trails nice and wide double track these trails take u to the good single track trails which sprout from the double track one takes u to small waterfall with some killer jumps nearby

Recommended Route:
look it up

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Reviews 1 - 2 (2 Reviews Total)