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Old Putnam Railroad line

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I''m making this description because the other one is idiotic bullshit. There are two parts to this trail, north and south, the southern part starts in Yonkers at Farragut avenue right next to the Saw Mill River Parkway northbound where there''s an area to park. There is a decision being made by the city of Yonkers whether or not to clean up and connect the still abandoned part of the railroad section south of Farragut avenue which parts of it can still be seen, one part is the abandoned railroad overpass right on yonkers avenue next to the motel which once served the Putnam line. Doing so would make a straight path linking Bronx to Putnam county once again. Here is the connection in Elmsford linking north and south, after coming out to Tarrytown rd. make a right and then a left at the light onto 9a, take 9a up to sam''s club and make a left onto that road, you''ll see a gaurd shack in the middle of the roadway, not much further you''ll see the path on your right next to the UPS warehouse fencing. From here it''s basically straight on up to Putnam county, there is one section where you''ll need to ride along the roadway but only for 2 or 3 miles if that and there''s plenty of shoulder to ride since it is considered part of the trailway. Last I was on it they made an extension which was not there my previous ride, I was able to bike up to an old railroad bridge that was knocked out which was said to be rebuilt as a bike bridge by now and goes even further into Putnam county, but I''m not so sure if it''s finished or not. Very nice scenic and peaceful route if your wanting to bike a seemingly never ending trail, nicely maintained also. Approximately 30 miles from Farragut ave to the Putnam county/Westchester county borderline.
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There are many entry points to this trail, the very southern tip is Farragut ave in Yonkers located next to the Saw Mill River pkwy northbound. Another is the split between north and south in Elmsford which can be entered via Tarrytown rd. next to the bike trail, another entrance can only be made via the exit ramp of the Saw Mill River pkwy exit 28 which is Eastview, where there is a small parking lot next to the trail. The northern section from here is so vast I forget where parking areas are but there are a few. The bike path is paved right over where the train ties once lied, some maps I've seen still show the railroad line so you can see exactly where it is.
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30 Miles
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Paved Path
westchester/putnam county
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United States
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