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Youll fina a lot of nice routs, especially easy ones, there are some really steep hills, if you find them enjoy, its not the hard to navigate, but gets some gettin used to, the beginning of the trail may look chicken but go to the end, if you stay right the whole time youll find a sand/mud yard, with hills of sand and stuff (ridable) Unbelievably kewl, the only GOOD trail in BROOKLYN!!!!!!!! ILL TRY TO BRING SOME PICS
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ok, go onto avenue u and go toward east side, towards the larger streets, then by like east 75st or somethin like that youll find that theres a dead end and a pathway, go down the pathway and stay left, GO THROUGHT THE WHOLE TRAIL, THE BEGININNIN MAY LOOK COCKY BUT THE END ISNT
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cant say because there are to many routes to count
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
Bergan beach

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