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Mini Track

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This is a small practice track for private mini MX riders, but Mountain bikes are welcome when track is not in use. This is an easy track to ride, it is about one half mile in length. Hard packed clay, with two small table tops, two sets of doubles and a small stand alone jump. This is a very good place to teach the young ones to ride, and not have to deal with any traffic, plus you can still get a little work with multiple laps.
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Tak 63north out of Lyndonville, turn left on Rt18, Travel west on 18 for about a mile, turn right into driveway at 11077 Roosevelt Hwy. When you pulll in the driveway park on the grass to the left. The track is behind the Residents house. RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK! IF THERE IS A MX BIKE ON THE TRACK, DO NOT GO ONTO THE TRACK! LET THEM KNOW YOU ARE THERE, AND THEY WILL TAKE A BRAKE. KEEP AWAY FROM THE BUILDINGS AND THE HOUSE.
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