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Lock 18

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The employee at Lock 18 stated that this would be about 1/2 mile long to Rte. 5S, and would be decent for mountain biking, since no ATV's are "technically" allowed, and a regular bike won't cut it. The trail is pretty decent at first, with alot of turns and some minor ups and downs. After a while it turns into a more noticeable 4x4 trail, and since it borders some farm land, an ATV was spotted down the trail briefly. If you stay on the trail and not head off the trails on the right, the trail is actually about 3 miles long to Highway 167. I stopped there and went back, however beyond 167, the trail continues. It is a nice ride to just go after work. If you want to, on the way back, halfway down the street between Lock 18 and 5s, you will notice another trail. This trail is bumpy, but no hills, as it runs an old railroad bed. This trail will take you to the Fort Herkimer Church, and from there you can hit the established Erie Canal trail that will take you to Mohawk.
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