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Hudson River Recreation Area (Buttermilk Falls)

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Flat to Hilly - The River Road Section is an "in and out" trail and is about nine miles long. In about two miles you will reach a very obvious "V" in the road keep bearing to the left.The trail continues along the river through some pretty dense woods for about another two miles. You will then reach a logging area - from here on the trail gets a bit more technical (beginners might wish to turn back). For the next mile or so the trail turns into log skid trails, rocks, mud, and lots of debris from fallen trees. This trail continues to a point where you can see the golf course at 1,000 Acres Dude Ranch on the other side of the river. Once you've gotten to this point the trail all but disappears and follows to Ferguson Brook. If you are thinking of walking to pick up the continuation of the River Road, DON'T - eventhough some maps show the road continuing to Thurman Station in Warrensburg BELIEVE ME THE ROAD JUST ENDS! Okay go back to the "V" in the road: If you bear to the right at the "V" you will start the climb towards Gay Pond. This trail goes for about four miles to Old Stage Road to Vielle Pond Road. Check out the side trail to the Bear Slides. This trail is uphill but just think if you turn around when you reach Vielle Pond Road (black top) you will have a nice downhill cruise. If you want to add eight to ten miles to the ride, turn right at Vielle Pond Road and follow it and Old Stage to Thomas Road then keep turning right until you are back at the Area parking lot. I have not mentioned that this area is an incredible area to camp, tube, canoe, and swim - there are areas in which you can walk across the river. Bring insect repellant, power bars, and water. You will be impressed by the beauty of this area - ENJOY!
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Trail Directions
Exit the Adirondack Northway (I87)at the Glens Falls/Corinth exit. Turn West towards Corinth. Travel about 12 miles over mountainous road until, at the bottom of a hill, you see signs for Corinth & Lake Luzerne. There is a blinking red light on the right side of the road. Turn Right (North) towards Lake Luzerne. You are on East River Drive. Keep going for about four miles until you reach a traffic light (Stewarts Store on the right). Go straight through the light (you will see the Hudson River on the left). Continue straight through the village of Lake Luzerne until you see Papa's Ice Cream Parlor(great place to eat). Take the next left turn (if you go up the hill - turn back - that's wrong). There are no signs for the Area but just follow this road, which is rough black top followed by graded dirt, for at least four miles (be patient you'll get there). KEEP THE RIVER ON YOUR LEFT - YOU WILL LOOSE IT AT TIMES BUT IT SHOULD BE THERE FOR MOST OF THE DRIVE. You will pass an old cemetary on the right and Thomas Road. Just keep going until you come across what is obviously a parking lot.- PARK & START YOUR RIDE - HAVE FUN!
Trail Length
16 miles on two separate trails
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Lake Luzerne
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August 16, 1999

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Reviewed by: EJ , from Coeymans Hollow, NY

The River Road section is about nine miles "in & out". The first four miles of the River Road Section is suitable for mountain bikers or talented hybrid riders. But would really recommend a mountain bike. The last mile and a half is just for mountain bikers. Lots of ruts, rocks, mud, very rough, lots of debris from fallen trees as result of the logging operations. There is a lot of great scenery and some nice hilly areas. You can do the first four miles at a causal pace or you can really hammer on the hills. The last portion can be ridden the same way but if you decide to hammer dot it on the way out - The Gay Pond section (right at the "V") is uphill most of the way. That speaks for itself - if you go in and out, the ride back could be a fast one. If you make the loop around Vielle Pond, Old Stage and Thomas you will add eight to ten miles to the ride.

Recommended Route:
The trail is in the town of Lake Luzerne, NY; see the Trail Page for detaled directions.

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JoeHeller (08/11/2010)
I managed to do the whole route with a hybrid. Maybe it's because it's been cleared a little better in recent years.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)