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High Ridge

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High Ridge Villa Rd as shown on the map is the actual trail. It is a closed road & seems to have been that way for 30yrs or more. When you first enter the rd there is a new house being build which is about a half mile from the entrance on south rd. So for that first half mile its all large gravel with deep pot holes. Once you past that house the terrain changes. You will encounter mud, water, roots, rocks of all sizes, gravel, old pavement & small to moderate hills. DO NOT GO AFTER ALOT OF RAIN BECAUSE THE MUD PITS WILL BE HUGE! The trail is the width of a normal rd for about a mile but as you venture further in the trail becomes more narrow. Its still about 8ft wide at the narrowest point. Front suspension is a must. The trail doesnt end where it shows on the map, it comes out on Stella place which you can see is directly in line with High Ridge Villa rd. Great trail, can park car at trail head. A Lot of fun if your looking for a place where you can ride hard & fast over rough varying terrain.
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