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Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park

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If You park facing the posted trail map, the entrance is right behind you, just outside parking area #5. Enter the trail and go straight until you find a wooden bridge. Cross it and you'll find a clearing into the main road, when you look to your left, the trail will continue. After a short, steep climb (use that granny gear) you will gradually climb and then start a gradual descent which picks up speed and lead you to another wooden bridge. After crossing it, go straight until you make a right onto the paved road. You will climb again until you go into a right turn onto "Broadway", which is a wide dirt/gravel road. Broadway will gently climb until you see a sign that says "Nature Trail" on your left. When facing the sign, you will see a fork of 2 trails (not including the one you got off of) Go to the trail on your far right, you will go through the "Ghost-town" where you'll see lots of old picnic tables piled up in an open field. The trail will lead you to a beautiful downhill which leads into a quiet trail that pretty much descends, so take advantage and hammer it, because there is a small climb that for some reason always slows me down (it's mostly gravel). Proceed down the trail end and you'll find a small, steep climb through pine needles that will lead you to anothert single-track, that gradually and technically climbs. When you level out, you will go straight into a clearing- go through it and you'll find another short & steep climb. Afterwards you'll have 2 choices- go straight out to the "Nature Trail sign, or a more fun alternative- is to find a right turn that will take you to a nice downhill that snakes into "Broadway". Afterwards you can vary your ride to your liking. This trail is great for beginners, and the more advanced rider will be able to give him/herself a good workout. ENJOY!!!!
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Trail Directions
Take the Taconic Parkway North (from Manhattan) until you see signs for Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park. Exit the Taconic, pay at the park entrance (During the Summer- $5.00, after the season, IT'S FREE!!!) Turn into the park, and bear left for parking area 5. You can access the trail accross the parking lot.
Trail Length
3 mile curcuit
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
Trail Type
Yorktown Heights
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February 21, 2002

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Reviewed by: Yodelenfritz , from Putnam Valley

This 3 mile loop is mostly road riding. There is a dirt section but its not worth riding if you have a mountain bike. Good for a family of bike riders.

Recommended Route:
Not Recommended for Mt. Biking.

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Blue Mountain, Ninham, Fahenstocks, 909 multiple use area.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)