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Bay Park West

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Is the second Park that has been opened to shared-use. This park has a blank slates and GROC and the GROC National Mountain Bike Patrol designed and designed and constructed all of the trail. This park provides a riding experience that is unique to our area with open canopy and flowing single track. You will not be disappointed with he scenery or the fun variety of brand new trails.
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Review Date
September 23, 2015

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

Aerobic Difficulty
 3 of 5

Technical Difficulty
 2 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Once a month

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Reviewed by: l'oiseau ,  Cross Country Rider

Very fun and interesting place to ride. Scenery is very cool, but maybe somewhat intimidating for beginners. Lots short steep ups, downs, ledges, and exposure but the trails are fairly moderately graded. Trails consist of whoops, chicanes, flowing corners, moderate climbs and descents, easy obstacles. Surface in mainly hard packed with a few roots and rocks here and there. There are a couple loose, sandy areas but it's not a big concern. Most of the corners have favorable banking or even berms but some are off-cambered and in precarious areas. There are a couple switchbacks near steep drops. Nothing is really that scary or dangerous, but again, maybe a bit intimidating for beginners. The trails themselves are fairly beginner to intermediate but not boring.

Recommended Route:
Most start at the Fish and Game parking area and climb up the blue trail. From there, there are multiple options. The orange trail is very fun. Almost like a big pump track through the woods and along the edges of small ravines. From there you can hit the red trail which is flowing out and back with small loop at the end. The green trail takes you back down to the Fish and Game parking area and has some short, punchy climbs and couple flowing descents. It has a few off camber sections along a short ledge which make it slightly more intimidating than the other side of the park. It's also a little rootier and rockier in a couple spots. One high bridge but it is wide. On the opposite side the purple trail is really sweet and flowing. A couple rock gardens but nothing too technical. Again some exposure along the side of steep ravine but the trail itself is easy to moderate. The paved roads along the outside edges of the park can be used to connect loops as well. It's pretty small and can be ridden in a couple hours, but given the trail connectivity you can run a lot of different combos and not get bored.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)