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Dump to Dump

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This is a great intermediate XC singletrack off of the Ojitos trail. It has some really fun descents and some exhilarating climbs but still a great trail. Requires a good climbing bike and a good level of arobic fittnes. Im not shure of the length any local rider if you know this info please post it.
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On US 64 right before the Taos/AngelFire Canyon look for a BIG blue bolted steel water tank with a dirt road leading to it, theres a crappy gate there but its to keep vehicles out, theres a pull off under a tree to park. Go up the dirt road and when you are under these huge power lines, follow the "road" under them to the left, keep following the main road you will see a sign that sayes "Ojitos" and "No Vehicles" keep going. You will begin going over "Whoop-de-doos". You will see two rusty metal poles on both sides of the trail that look as if they were a gate at one time start counting the whoop-de-doohs here, count 11. Right past the 11th one there is a trail heading down to the right. Here you are have fun. Stay on the main trail there are other trails and washes that look like trails leading off I dont know where to. You will eventualy come out on a dirt road that leads to a paved road get on the paved road and go right. Take a left at the hospital go straight and your back on US64
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