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Dry Canyon (T5574)

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To access the lower end trailhead (coming from Alamogordo), take Highway 82 towards Cloudcroft. Once you enter Lincoln National Forest, look on the right side of the road for the first exit you can take. There will be a dirt road headed down a hillside. Follow this road (will turn to gravel) to find the parking lot and trailhead.

The trailhead is signed, so you shouldn't have trouble finding/following the trail.

The trail basically follows an arroyo, braiding back and forth on either side of the canyon. It's a pretty straightforward trail to follow. You'll follow the arroyo for about 3.2 miles.

At mile 3.2 watch for a sharp right turn heading up the mountain along a bench cut. The last 1.9 miles of the ride will be a steep climb up to the top of the trail in alpine country.

If you miss this right turn, and continue heading straight, you'll soon end up in an slickrock area that you can play around in for a bit before doubling back to catch the trail again.

Trail surface varies along the course of the route, ranging from very rocky (near the upper end and in arroyo crossings), hardpacked dirt, and sections of sand.

You'll be exposed to sun during most of the ride, so make sure you're wearing sunscreen and have lots of water.

Starting elevation is 5,600ft at lower trailhead. 7,250ft at upper trailhead (+1,650ft elevation gain).

You'll eventually reach the upper end, at which point you either turn around and head back, OR possibly link up with West Side Road (FR90) or drop down A-Trail (T119) to Alamogordo.

This trail is open to ATV's, dirtbikes, mountain bikes, hikers, etc.

There's no water or restroom facilities at the trailhead, so you'll need to plan accordingly.
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May 28, 2010

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Reviewed by: Pawndream ,  Weekend Warrior

This is a nice little trail. You start out in classic high desert terrain at lower end of trail (yucca, cactus, ocotillo, arroyos, etc) and by the end of the ride are in pine and juniper country. Very picturesque. Like something out of an old western movie.

Speaking of which, the day I went I saw evidence of cows (huge piles of crap everywhere), but I never actually saw any on the trail. Watch out for "mudpies".

There's nothing overly technical about this trail, but, you will need to have some climbing ability (and a good cardiovascular base) once you hit mile 3.1 and start climbing in earnest.

The beginning of the climb starts out fairly steep and rocky, but it does level out after a while. After that short steep section, it's just a steady grind all the way to to top of the trail.

Worse case scenario is you'll have to stop and take breaks or push your bike for a bit. Good thing about once you start climbing is that there's a good amount of trees and shade if you need to cool down.

At the top of the trail you come to a spur and have some options. You can turn around and head back (for a 10.2 mile round-trip), or you can head east to link up with West Side Road (FR90) or head west and drop down A-Trail (T119) into Alamogordo for something more epic.

Recommended Route:

Well...you either climb up the trail (as mentioned above) or, you could start out on West Side Road and drop down the trail (then climb back up 82 towards FR90.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
Rim Trail (T104)
High Altitude Race Loop (ask the guys the the bike shop in Cloudcroft for a map)

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)