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Chamisa Trail

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The Chamisa trail is a good entry into the Winsor Trail - the workhorse of Santa Fe N.F. From the parking lot, there are two trails - one that heads through the "dog turd" meadow and the other that starts to climb...immediately! Take the one that climbs - trail has a very steep grqade but it is very rideable. You might be surpised at how much traction you get here. Anyway, you will climb from an el. of about 7800-ft to a high point (an intersection)8500-ft. Once you are here, take a right, and do some downhill - very fast downhill all the way to the Winsor Trail, which will put back below 8k again. Note that at the intersection at 8500-ft, you hook back up with the "dog turd" trail. This trail eventually climbs violently up to the intersection and has been in poor shape the last few years. There is some downhill here, but most people skid too much and mess up the trail. Take the same way down on your return if you are not named Brian Lopes, or Steve Peat. Finally, you have anther fun option here at the intersection - go straight and keep climbing on the "No Name" ridge trail, which will hook you up with Trail 399 "Burn Trail" and drop you back onto Hyde Park Road. This is an excellent ride and makes a good quickie back to the car.
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Trail Directions
Drive up hyde Park road, and look for first Parking Lot on the left about a mile after your pass the Santa Fe National Forest Sign. Trail is Shown on the Map by Drake Mountain Maps - found at most bike or outdoor shops in town
Trail Length
2 miles - use as feeder to Winsor
Trail Level
Trail Type
Santa Fe

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August 13, 2003

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 4 of 5

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Once a month

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Reviewed by: phlbbbbbbbbbbt ,  Weekend Warrior , from Albuquerque, NM

Take the trail on the right and stay away from the meadow. Trail starts to climb immediately and gets very, very steep. This is entirely clearable and you can make it to the top in around 20-mins or so.

Recommended Route:
Continue on to the no name ridge and drop down into Bishops Lodge to hit the Windsor trail.

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Borrego, Bear Wallow, Windsor, Aspen Vista Road, Dale Ball, Atalaya

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)