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wood field

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its very muddy at days bud fun to ride, it can seem like the woods hate you at times but if you know where places are youll be happy, there are maps i put about a few metters into the woods its not at the enterance so just bike in a few metters, youll have a chnace to go left or ride at the maps i prefere right but its up yo you it isend hard to get lost if your new but about after 2 or 3 times youll get the hang of it well i dont think bikers are allowed in there so its at your own risk but i only run ito dog walkers and there arent security or anything just make sure not to mess anything up in there and youll be fine if you make it all the way to the end of the trails there are lil hills that are fun and yeah i love it there and anyone in princeton should chek it out
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come from princeton on elmroad wich turns into great road, turn left after princeton day school wich is on top of a hill then just keep on going straight be carefull there is a fork so just go take the second to the left and then on the left side there is a big white sign after a right turn that says woodfield and there you are
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about 2 Miles
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