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Windsor Trail

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This is a northshore/crosscountry trail. It has some of the best riding I believe in South Jersey. Everyweek we are building new logrides,jumps, tetter-totters, etc. We meet there almost everysunday to work on it. Its mostly flat but is rooty and pretty tight. If your interested in helping build some great trails and northshore type obstacles, e-mail me at brettster55@aol.com. There are some great log rides and nice drop offs we built also.
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Trail Directions
if your coming from rt.295, take 295 and get off onto rt.70 west, if you should pass a apartment highrise on your right if your going the right direction, if not turn around and go west. Keep goin down rt.70 west until you see a redlobster on your right. Turn right before the red lobster. Continue on that road until you come to a traffic light. Turn right at the light. Now you are on kings highway. Continue down kingshighway and you'll see a shopping center on your left with a CVS in it, Turn left at the light there. You are now on Chapel Ave. Go down chapel Ave and pass 2 traffic lights. On the left you will see kennedy memorial hospital, right after the hospital is Cherry Hill highschool west. Turn into the school and park in front near the flagpole. We'll be waiting there. Be there at 11:00am. If you have any questions or concerns on the directions either call me at. 1-609-220-8501 or e-mail and I can help. We sometimes go to work on the trail saturdays also
Trail Length
6-8 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Cherry Hill
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Review Date
November 24, 2000

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: Chris , from Deptford

The trail is under constrution and so far has some good obsticles. And more are being built every weekend. I am a volunteer that works with Brett on the trail. The trail has some good log rides and jumps set up. We are in the process of building platforms and other obsticles like jumping over ditches, tetter-totters, and drop offs. We still need help building the trail but so far I wouldn't consider it to be the best in south jersey, but it could be with more help and time. All and all a fun trail to ride. If you like the north shore style obsticles then you should check it out but if you live more than 20 minutes away wait until it's finished. Also the big obsticles can be avoided if your not ready for them, to make it good for almost all levels. If you would like to help build the trail contact Brett. The rating is based on the finished trail, not the current condition of the trail.

Recommended Route:
directions written are good but if you want the trailhead turn left before the HS and goto kennet family practice, park against the trees in the far spots

dugpound (10/06/2007)
Can you offer better directions since ther is no sign for Kennet or I assume you meant Kennedy family practice anywhere to be found
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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)