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Waywayanda South

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Take the unmarked trail to the top where it joins a yellow blazed trail and go to your right for a good piece. Watch for a very sharp left,on this trail, that almost doubles back. Bear right on a yellow/white blazed trail. Bear right on the red blazed trail which at a sharp right turns into single track. If you hit a swampy area you missed the single track by a few hundred feet. Continue until you reach a T intersection which is Stephens Rd.and go right. Land is posted, but this road is okay. Watch for an unmarked trail on your right, during a rough downhill, this merges with the yellow trail you started on and completes a nice loop. If you miss the right you end up on Clinton Rd. West of the trailhead.Go with a friend as you will probably not see a soul during this ride. Lots of other trail options but some are on watershed and require a pass obtainable at the Newark Watershed office on Echo Lake Rd. just off route 23.
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Trail Directions
Clinton Rd. 2.1 miles West of Warwick Turnpike.Unmarked Trail on South side of road identified by a stream parallel to it.Can also be reached by taking route 23N.to Clinton Rd. exit.Distance to trailhead from this direction is approximately 7 miles.
Trail Length
10 miles?
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
West Milford

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