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stockton campus trails

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Well, these trails are located on the campus of the Richard Stockton College of NJ. The school is located right in the middle of the Pine Barrens. The trails are not labeled, but you will never get lost. If you ride to far in one direction, you will hit the parkway or the campus or a main road. There are a couple of trails all over the place. the campus has 2 lakes with trails, lake Fred (main campus lake) and lake Pam (lake between the parkway and the campus). All i can really say is to get to the campus and explore. You will hit single tracks, fire roads, sandy trails, open fields, lakes, streams, cedar bogs, etc.... Just go and have a good time exploring. The trails are intermediate at best on a few spots. It''s primarily for beginners or if you are looking for scenic long easy riding. Enjoy
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Trail Directions
Exit 44 of the parkway if heading from north to south. Make a right at the stop sign of the ramp, drive for a half mile and take a left at the entrance to the Richard Stockton College of NJ. Park anywhere and find a trail.
Trail Length
varies, 5-10 miles Miles
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
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