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Prison Escape Trail

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pretty well kept secret, very rarely will you see anyone else on these trails. The township has reccently started building new and improved trails in addition to the ones that were previously used for atv's and such. There is probably about 7 miles of trails, maybe as much as 9 if you get creative. Lot of the trails are made up of steep ascents and descents, some really sweet stuff. There are also some technical sections which flatten out, these sections are mostly roots and fallen trees. also a few nice water crossings. Things to watch out for, as I mentioned before, there are some steep descents that can sneak up on you, also I've seen hunters in the woods while running before, although, I believe it is illegal to hunt there. Lastly, there is prison behind the woods, when inmates escape they usually take to the woods, doesn't happen often though.
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Trail Directions
from rt. 130, get off at south broad street exit before bordentown, make a left onto south broad street, go straight down until you see pettyridge rd. on your right, make the right, go to the end of the road, left onto longwood dr. look for the trail head on your right, its a wooded area with a small field in front of it, directly across from a residential community. street parking is available. from turnpike, exit 7a to 195, exit 4 on 195 I believe, south broad street exit, follow directions from there.
Trail Length
7 or so miles
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July 22, 2006

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 4 of 5

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Reviewed by: fire1075 ,  Cross Country Rider

Well I found this Trail here a week ago and it is right behind my house and never knew it!!! thanks to the guy that posted it. 1st the good news. the trail starts off with a very nice twisting downhill with a major dropoff to the left into a stream maybe 30 feet down. (don't turn left whatever you do). Some serious deep ruts to manuvure through but not a bad start at all. Ground is soft; almost like riding in sand which makes it difficult if you don't know how to ride. Now the bad news. Just as I was getting enthused about this brand new find,,,,BAM!!! A monster tree blocking the trail and no way around it. Thick brush on both sides and branches everywhere so you can't walk your bike through it or over it. And I mean a monster tree. I couldn't budge it and I'm a pretty big guy. Well I'm curious to ride the rest of this darn thing so I guess I'm going back with a saw and clearing the way hopefully this week or next week. When the task is complete, I will ride the rest of it and tell you if my efforts were worth all the trouble. I will say that the beginning was good enough to put in an hours work to find out.

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Just follow my dust. I'll be right in front of you.

Boogyman (05/03/2010)
I was just on this trail 2 weeks ago and it is technical and fun. There are sandy spots, but they are only about a bike length long. There are little bridges here and there along the paths. It's definitely used by ATV's, since the tracks are all fresh, so the width of the trail is nice as long as you don't run into one of these guys. The trees cover the trails to keep it cool. Bring a fishing pole if you want to relax a while. It looks like there are possibilities to expand the trails, since I found a bridge leading up a steep hill. Looking forward to exploring more in the coming weeks.
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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)