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Newmarket to Kingman (Uses Baha loop)

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double track, single track, some pavement(to tie in the areas trails), very muddy in the spring, very boring if you do it all the time, but a great knowledge of the trails make commuting to work a blast if you are looking for a change from the road bike...
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Trail Directions
to Newmarket, 108 to Bennet Road, park at river parking at corner of Packers Falls and Bennett to Madbury(kingman farm) rt155, look for Kingman farm and park at gate
Trail Length
30+/- depending on the trails and if you loop back
Trail Level
Trails for all skill levels
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
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Review Date
August 26, 2002

Overall Rating
 3 of 5

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Once a month

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Reviewed by: djw , from Newmarket

At the Bennett/Packers Falls intersection head to the Newmarket side of the bridge over the Lamprey on the downstream side. Head down a single track which will take you all the way to the railroad tracks. Cross the R.R. bridge over the Lamprey (carefull high speed trains and bikes don't mix. Turn right at the other side of the bridge and your in Doe Farm Town Forest which has some short but fun single track. Eventually you will come back out on Bennett. Pavement ride down Bennett across 108 to Longmarsh Rd. Take Longmarsh about a mile down the dirt road. Keep your eyes peeled for a single track to your right. If you cross a wet swampy section you missed your turn by a couple hundred feet. Turn right on to a great section of single track that will take you to Dame road. Turn right onto Dame road and ride a mile or so until you pass a ledge cut on your right. After that I believe its your second left onto a woods road "Formerly Stage Coach Road". Take this to the swamp (not worth crossing at the road) Hike a bike along the swamp to the right until you reach a log crossing. Follow the single track back to the woods road. Continue until just before a large field turn right onto a little used single track. Follow to Bay Road. Enjoy.

Recommended Route:
If you want to more riding you can.

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stoopednames (07/24/2008)
Terrible. The section of "trail" on the Newmarket side of the Lamprey is not maintained, or even a trail really. Not so much single track as it is a game trail... maybe put some snares on the trail and catch a bunny, or an underage kid w. a case of beer going to jump off the RR bridge into the river. There are so many downed trees and streams you'll be walking/carrying your bike 75% of the way. On the other hand the Durham side of the river (Doe Farm) has some (a few) fun single track trails. I would not recommend this loop, didn't even bother with the swamp area. Try the one below reviewed by "unh guy" it's a lot better. Except I think it's a RIGHT on the paved rd. by the AG buildings.
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Review Date
August 15, 2002

Overall Rating
 3 of 5

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Reviewed by: unh guy

Here it is.....Starting from Newmarket: On corner of Bennett Road and Packers Falls Rd, you'll see a parking area for the river. Ride on Bennett road away from Packers Falls Rd until you see a Sign on the left with the University Of New Hampshire Emblem on it. Take the second driveway(the first is a home owner's, don't piss them off by using it) and ride up the dirt drive towards a tower (wind research for UNH). Follow along singletrack in a big field. You'll see a trail on the left once you hit the trees, it only loops you around. Go straight across stream crossing and up a small climb. You'll see a singletrack trail on your left and a double track trail right in front of you. You can go either way, but I recommend going the singletrack. Following either trail leads you to a hut in the woods near the old satelite dish, which is now a pile of rubble. There is a trail near the hut that loops you around, either way...stay straight on the single track and follow towards a big open field with lots of powerlines and a spooky looking trailer. You'll come out near Foss Farm (some more loops of trails that are not that great). Follow jeep road from open field along side the railroad tracks until you get to the paved road(Mill Road in Durham). Take a left onto the paved road and immediately start looking for a sign to College woods on your right. Head into the woods and blast through these trail (I'll leave the discovery to you!) until you pop out at either bridge near grounds and roads at UNH, or Main Street in durham. In either case, head towards The Gables (behind Thompson School at UNH). Behind the gables you'll find the equestrian trails (please give the riders the right of way!). Follow these trails until you hit another paved road(don't worry, theres more trail riding than pavement)take a left and follow it up towards the agricultural buildings...to the left of a white building you'll see a gravel road, follow it and you will enter a big field, pass under the gate (CAUTION! It's a chain that runs across the trail) and cross Rt.4 to CHERRY LANE (This is where it comes into the loop!) Go up the small climb and take a left. You can go straight to a big field head up a big hill to the water tower, in either case, you will blast down a hill at or near the power lines. Follow the trail to another paved road (rt 155) and cross it. Head straight and blast through somemore cool trails (again more trails to discover). You will either end up coming out behind a house or out on a dirt road. Follow the paved road until the end and take a right onto Meeting House Road (Madbury) Look for the church on your left and head into the woods behind it to Kingman Farm. Blast through these trails for a while and loop around and go home, or take the road if you are tired! I think you can hook up on trails that lead you to Somersworth, but I have never doen it.

Recommended Route:
starting from newmarket

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Reviews 1 - 2 (2 Reviews Total)