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White Mud Hills

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Platform pedals rule on this trail since your clipless pedals will soon be a dusty shade of white like the rest of your lower body. Your clipless pedals will soon get grabby since the dust will make them want to stick a little.

This trail is a series of mesas and gullys that are oriented north/south and the trails are either on top of the "White Mud Hills" or are in the gullys between them. The mesas are made up of a soft material that has superior traction, but it can breakaway like dried mud. (that is the provenance of the trail name). The parking lot is almost always in view while you are on the mesas.

GULLY TRAILS: The trails range from being in wide washes to passageways that barely have handlebar clearance. There are some tunnels, but these may be unsafe to the point of not being worth riding through (no one can hear you scream if all goes wrong, so be careful). Where these gullys narrow-out or go up to the mesa, then your trail has vanished and you can connect to others. Some gullys interconnect and make for nice trails. The main north/south wash has evidence of shooting range trash and debris so this can often be one of the landmarks you use.

MESA TRAILS: These are where the fun is... Some of the these mesas have trails only 9-12" wide with steep drops on both sides. The word caution applies here, but falling on the soft material is not too bad. These mesa trails go on for a long while and near the north end of the system are features that look like terrain jumps.

Round sinkholes have been named "toilet bowls' so dont' get flushed. The average miles per hour at this system is very slow, but you will have some skills on new terrain that does not exist in Vegas.

This is not Gooseberry Mesa, but it has some topography that mimics that system.
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Trail Directions
Go north from Vegas on Hwy 95 and 1.5 miles south of the Lee Canyon turnoff is a small pullout on the north side of the Hwy. The trailhead is not on a dirt road, and if you are on one, you might be in the wrong place. The parking area is within 50 yards of the highway. There is no sign, there are no landmarks other than one prominent Joshua tree that shares the oval shaped pullout. There is a 4-wheel drive trail leaving the pullout, but goes through unavoidable "poof-dirt" and is the cause of many vehicles having to be dug out. Do not drive this trail, but it will lead you on your two wheeled friend to the place you want to be. From the parking area, you will see the low profile of white hills that is the subject of the ride. Go north any way you can and get on top of the mesas to see other bike tracks and find out what it is all about.
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