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Spring Trail

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Spring Trail starts where all the other trails at the top start. You first ride down the street and make the right turn just after the guard rail and go up. Instead of going right for the other trails go left. This will take you around and down the other side of this small mountain peak. The trail stop at the street where you must cross and start up again to the immediate right of yet another guardrail. There is a steep hike a bike that takes about five minutes to hike. Once at the top you can go either left or right. Go left and ride around to what would seem the complete opposite side of where you started. You will see a clearing on the left side this is where the trail starts up again. It starts off as casual easy turns through trees then rapidly drops into tight steep switchbacks. You will eventually pass by a horse watering trough. Keep going down the wash wash. Eventually you come to a large gravelly wash ride straight across it and a left turn should be easily seen. Before you know you be at the bottom of atom bomb and carry on through the rest of the long trail to "the tree"
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