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South Camp Peak Loop

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The only thing that makes this ride difficult is the first 4 miles or so of climbing. The whole ride is on fire roads and 4x4 trails...no single track. I did it during the week so it was an OK ride, but I've also driven this on the weekend and there were a lot of other 4x4's as well as dirt bikes and ATV's. I will probably not do this ride again. Just too accessible by the motorized world and there are many segments of pavement and gravel that I could do without. It does, however, intersect with the Tahoe Rim Trail which is a much better option for us mountain bikers.
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Trail Directions
From South Lake Tahoe take Hwy 50 to the fire station just before the intersection with hwy 28. Head over to the highway maintence station and park in the designated area. Trail begins behind the station.
Trail Length
14.5 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads
Lake Tahoe
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