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Ruby Crest trail

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This trail starts at the top of Lamoille canyon and passes by the Dollar, Lamoille, Liberty, Favre, Castle & North Furlong lakes during the first 7 miles. Then the trail passes Overland, which is approx 15 miles from N. Furlong. Starting from Lamoille Canyon, Overland Lake is about 2 or 3 miles passed the half way point of the 42 mile trail. Very few mountain bikers ride this however. The trail is extremely difficult and to avoid people on the 2-3 ft. wide trail should be ridden very early since it is primarily a hiker trail. The trail can get crowded by hikers going to the lake later in the morning but i've found it's easier to get by them going downhill. I've only been up to Lamoille lake which is a 2 mile ride, some flat areas, fun switch-backs, there are about 4 9" wide logs for bridges but only a max 5-6 ft. drop, some wooden stairs in the beginning of the ride, and some rocky areas you must carry your bike. Once you get to the Dollar lakes it is pretty easy to coast along and enjoy looking at the view. I've raced deer running along the trail near the dollar lakes and seen a mountain lion about 200 ft. from me last year.
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