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Ruby Crest Trail - Harrison Pass to Green Mtn Pass

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This ride is an out-and-back on the non-wilderness portion of the Ruby Crest Trail. It features incredible views and, at the right time of year, endless carpets of wildflowers. The trail surface varies between well-maintained forest road and rocky ATV track. There are no campgrounds in the area, but there is plenty of dispersed camping. The trailhead elevation is at approx. 7250 feet. The most challenging portion of the trail is the first mile, which gains 500'' on a somewhat sandy surface before you reach a panel gate. Once though the gate, you''ll roll along the ridgeline until about mile 4, at which point the route becomes rockier and more challenging in places. You''ll reach Green Mountain Pass at mile 6, which features some great rock outcroppings, a nice ridgeline hike, and killer views. The wilderness boundary is shortly past this point, so this is a good place to turn around. Turn-around elevation is 8750'', for a total of 1500'' elevation gain for the ride. The return ride is rocking fast - be aware of rocks and sandy spots that could send you over the bars. I''ve rated this trail intermediate primarily because of the elevation. The technical portions are short and not difficult, and can be easily pushed through if necessary. If you''re comfortable with a few rocks and short, steepish occasionally sandy climbs you''ll be fine. Be advised - you''re a long ways from help out here, and there are not a lot of people on this trail. Cell phone service is spotty. Carry tools and basic first-aid stuff and know how to use them. Area maps show a possible loop using this trail and the Green Mountain Trail. The upper portion of the Green Mountain Trail is severely overgrown and is barely hikeable at the moment, never mind rideable. The Ruby Crest Trail is in great shape for riding. There are also a number of other forest routes in the area, many of which appear to be well worth exploring (if you have the legs and lungs for it - most of them go straight uphill).
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Trail Directions
From the intersection of 5th and Idaho in Elko (the main downtown intersection) - take 5th Street south out of town, where it becomes the Lamoille Highway. Go over the Lamoille Summit to a stoplight at the intersection of Lamoille Highway (SH227) and Jiggs Highway (SH228). Turn right and drive approximately 36 miles on 228 through Jiggs to pavement's end, a few hundred yards before reaching Harrison Pass. When you reach the pass, cross a cattle guard to access a small parking area. Post-ride adult beverages are available at the Jiggs Bar - don't miss this relic of Nevada's rural history.
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12 Miles
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Fire Roads
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