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Roberts Creek Mountain

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A nice ride up Vinini Creek Road with views of sometimes snow-covered peaks. In a few miles you reach a saddle (approx. elev. 8,000 feet) and from there you should be able to ride south on Roberts Creek Road to Roberts Creek Ranch, then east on the old Pony Express route and north on Garden Pass Road over Henderson Summit and back to the trailhead. That should be a 25- to 30-mile ride. I didn''t do that loop, however. Instead, at the saddle I rode and walked straight up the hill toward Roberts Creek Mountain. At 8,965 feet (this was on May 29, 2005) I encountered snowfields and an ice-filled lake, so I was not able to get any nearer to the summit. Just as well, because a storm was quickly approaching and I had to outrace it and get back to my car. By 5:00 p.m. that day in Eureka (approx. elev. 6,400) it was 45 degrees and rainiong, and I bet it was snowing where I had been just four hours earlier.
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Trail Directions
From Eureka, drive about 25 miles north on Nev. Hwy. 278. About mile 23 or 24 you'll crest Garden Pass (misnamed Golden Pass on the BLM map). About a mile beyond you'll see an unmarked road to your left. That's Vinini Creek Road. Park anywhere and start riding. A mile or two in you'll come to a fork where you can go straight or turn to the right and ford Vinini Creek. You'll want to do the latter, as the road straight ahead soon ends. From that point on, it's a straightforward ride to the saddle. I'm not sure what the rest of the loop would be like if you choose to do it. Eureka County has a natural resources office with information: 775-237-6010. The relevant BLM map is Simpson Park Mountains, available from the BLM in Battle Mountain, Nev.: 775-635-4000. But its scale is large. For free smaller-scale topo maps, visit http://keck.library.unr.edu/data/drg/nv24k_clickable.html, click on the Simpson Park Mountains Quadrangle, and download the topo maps you need.
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25-30 Miles
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Fire Roads
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June 5, 2005

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 4 of 5

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Reviewed by: imtnbke ,  Cross Country Rider

An enjoyable ride up Vinini Creek Road to the saddle. Great views of the Ruby Mountains and other ranges from the rough track that goes up the hill from the saddle toward Roberts Creek Mountain. Next time I'd like to do the whole loop or reach the summit. Parts of this area are proposed for federal Wilderness designation, and it would be a shame if they become Wilderness, because they would be off-limits to bikes.

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Inquire in Eureka for other possibilities. The Eureka County natural resources office should have information: 775-237-6010, or http://www.co.eureka.nv.us/county/natural.htm.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)