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Prospect Peak

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This ride begins about 6790 feet in elevation and ends at 9550. There are glorious views at the top.

Begin with a steady four-mile climb up very smooth Windfall Canyon Road to a saddle at approximately 8100 feet. At the saddle, admire the view (there''s better to come) and then proceed to the right as the road alternates between level, slightly downhill, and slightly uphill. (Do not go downhill on the other road you may see at this junction.)

About 3.5 miles later, after a mile or so of continuous slight downhill that replaces the previously undulating character of the road, you turn right onto the summit doubletrack that leads to Prospect Peak. It immediately begins to climb. This is a hard climb of maybe two or 2.5 miles, because the summit road is loose, rocky, slippery, and sometimes steep. If it had a better roadbed, it would be quite manageable, but I found myself walking parts of it because I couldn''t gain traction or there were too many obstacles.

At the top, surrounded by transmission towers, you have great views of hundreds of square miles of Nevada mountains and desert, including Roberts Creek Mountain, the Diamond Valley, the city of Eureka, and maybe even the Ruby Mountains. It is spectacular.
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Trail Directions
From Eureka, ride or drive east on U.S. 50 about one or two miles to Windfall Canyon Road and turn right onto that road. You're on the correct route if, after turning right onto Windfall Canyon Road, you soon notice the Perdiz Sport Shooting facility. (Perdiz is the Portuguese and Spanish word for partridge.)
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10 Miles
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Fire Roads
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August 29, 2006

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Reviewed by: imtnbke ,  Cross Country Rider

As stated in my description.

Recommended Route:
As stated in my description.

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Vinini Creek Road to Roberts Creek Mountain, north of Eureka.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)