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FR 194 near Petes Summit

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A brutal climb for more than 2 miles: steep, with energy-draining clayey or shaley soil. Hard enough to walk, impossible (for me) to ride. You start about 7,600 feet and top out about 8,600, which doesn''t sound bad, but it''s more difficult than the change of elevation would suggest. When you arrive at a primitive survey marker (it looks like a drainpipe sticking out of the dirt), you''ve reached the Lander County-Nye County line, and it gets easier as you enter rolling sagebrush country. I wasn''t able to get that far, but you should be able to make a loop out of FR 194, Corral Canyon Rd., Monitor Ranch, and FR 100 back to Petes Summit and the trailhead.
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Trail Directions
From Austin, drive east to Nev. Hwy. 376. Go south a short distance and turn left on FR 100, a four-wheel-drive road (see picture). Drive about 15 miles. About a half-mile before Petes Summit and the Toquima Caves campground (empty of campers on the day during Memorial Day weekend 2005 I was there), you'll barely discern an unmarked trail heading to the right. Park there and start riding. A GPS with downloaded topo map is highly recommended, and the Toiyabe National Forest Austin Ranger District map is essential. None of the dirt roads and trails in this area is well-marked, and there is no one out there to give you directions.
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12-45 Miles
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Fire Roads
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June 5, 2005

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 3 of 5

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Reviewed by: imtnbke ,  Cross Country Rider

I was hoping to ride out about 12 miles and turn around. But it took me about 2.5 hours to ride out just six miles and back, because the initial two or three miles were so difficult. I might have kept going after Sage Hen Spring at mile six, but the rolling doubletrack did not look particularly interesting, so I decided to spare my legs for the next day's ride and turn around. The descent back down the steep part was a lot of fun. I'd give this ride two stars were it not for the enjoyable descent.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)