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This is a hand built trail in the hills north east of Sparks, NV. It's around a mile long; broken up into six sections: the start, top, roller, middle, transition, and finish. This trail is not an easy one, there's only one uphill section but going fast enough it's easy to get up. Multiple ladder bridges, rock gardens, and kickers keep it interesting. Nothing's too incredibly difficult, but for safety take it slow the first couple of times. It's designed to build momentum after a very slow and cautious start, make sure your brakes work well.

Easy to shuttle with the trail really close to the access road in case of emergency. Cell service is strong up here and it has some of the best views of Reno Sparks around.

Have fun, be safe, and ride hard.
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November 7, 2009

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: spikemillette ,  Downhiller

Sorry for not including directions.
Take I-80 to the Vista exit, travel north until you reach Los Altos the first time; turn right so you're traveling east. Continue until you reach the first roundabout, turn right and head up the hill. When the road stops you'll want to turn right onto the dirt road, continue going straight past the water tower and follow the road to the right instead of going up the hill on the left. After you reach the top of the hill that the road follows, make an almost immediate left onto the road that goes up the mountain, take it slow the road isn't too great(yet). Once you reach the top you can see that it's very flat and a great parking area. Looking up the ridge you'll be able to see a few different starts that you can take, the choice is yours.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)