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Walnut Creek

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Walnut Creek offers about 3 miles of paved bicycling trails that go around the perimeter of the lake and dam site and are best suited to all skill levels of riding. In addition to the paved bicycle trails are about 5 miles of equestrian trails that can be ridden by bicycles as well. These trails are mown doubletrack and are not heavily rutted out due to very infrequent equestrian use. Tread will be sketchy at best however so expect to ride on predominantly closely mown grass. The equestrian trails are predominantly flat, but there are a few sections where some climbing is required. A trail map can be found at the link provided, however there are a few newer trails that do not appear on that map. It is fairly easy to figure out however because all offorad trails will link back onto the main loop.
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Trail Directions
From Highway 370 head south on 96th Street. Head West at Schram Road. Turn in to Walnut Creek Lake at Turkey Road (North.) Follow the road past the RV Campground and over the first bridge. Turn left at the first gravel road just after you drive over the bridge. Follow the gravel road until it ends at a parking area. There are two trail heads located here. (East and West of parking lot) Note: If you see a bunch of horse trailers when you arrive, you might consider other options because it is not going to be fun riding here when a bunch of horses are cruising around. You can always plan B it an ride the paved trails, or head to another spot to ride.
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3 paved + 5 offroad Miles
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Fire Roads
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