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Radio Tower

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Climb the radio tower access road north of Jette Lake turn-off to access 3-5 different single-track trails. Take 1st left past Jette Lake turn-off onto dirt road. Follow main road up until the pond. Park there and continue biking up main road. Most of the trails filter back to this area.

Main trail starts from top of mountain behind the radio tower. The ridgeline can be ridden completely down for a mix of rocky trail and fast unused double track. 1st alternate, where ridgeline trail flattens out in a small meadow, take a right down an old road, this will cross the main access road and become steep single-track. At the next road crossing either continue across road for more downhill back to the pond or turn right for the 2nd alternate. Ride about a 1/4 mile, then turn left down an overgrown logging road. After 100 feet take left down a moderately steep trail. This is the Shoulder Rub, it is a single track that cuts across sidehill with some downhill mixed in. This will intersect the 1st alternate downhill trail. There's a jeep trail that can be followed off the ridge (north) to the pond. There's also some less travelled trails that can be taken back to the parking area.

These trails are from beginner to intermediate with some short advanced sections (easily walked). Explore the area, there are miles of old roads that make nice rides, plus lots of old trails that are being cleared. There's a few steep downhills that can be accessed from the above route that empty out onto other roads. A tribal permit is required to ride here.
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May 5, 2007

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Reviewed by: digimonk ,  Downhiller

These trails are a work in progress and could use more traffic to keep from being overgrown.

Recommended Route:
For a quick ride, park at the pond, ride up the main road to the first major switchback. There's an old road that leads off the switchback from here. This can be ridden completely around the mountain back to the access road for some nice views. This road also leads to the top of some of the alternate routes and is crossed by the main downhill trail. Most of the ridgelines have trails leading off of them.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
Instead of turning left off of Hwy 93 past Jette Lake, take the 2nd right over a cattle gaurd. Park there and ride up main road. You'll cross several more established trails. Python, South & North Ridge, Hello Goodbye and others.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)