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North Fork Loop

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Disconnected single track, double track and a bit of pavement. Take Beehive Rd for another 1.5 miles, you will go down a steep hill. At the Bottom is the Beehive Basin trail head. Hang a left, cross the creek and climb. After a series of switch backs, there is a junction, turn right. Climb to where you hit pavement again and ride uphill. About 1/2 mile of pavement takes you to the North Fork trail head, turn left. Now the fun begins. 4.5 miles of sinngle track, some very steep, some very fun, a bit of climbing too, but mostly DOWN! Eventually, you will cross the North Fork of the Gallatin. About 200 yds of gentle climb leads to another junction. Stay right and downhill. More awesome downhill from here. Eventually, about 2 miles and you will cross the North Fork again and up a short steep climb. From here, continue to descend/roll along on a double track that rips. You will come out on a paved road, stay right again. Climb up a hill to reach the lower N. Fk trailhead and a parking lot. Either you ran a shuttle or from here you pay back that vertical. If you are continuing to ride at the trail head, turn right on a double track and climb. Ignore the single tracks that branch off and stay on the double track/jeep road. The climb is pleasent enough and will be about 3.5 miles long. Eventually you will break out of the trees and on to an open ridge line with big peaks to your right and straight ahead. You are still on a double track jeep road. As you re-enter the trees, on your right is another trail head. Turn right on the Ridge Trail. This is a steep loose and technical climb. One section is ridable only if the traction is very good so don''t feel bad if you don''t clean it. After about a 1/2 mile you will top out on a nice single track and roll along in the trees. You will pass through some private property that is marked and then climb a pair of switch backs and then another great downhill. After another mile you pop back out on the pavement, uphill and to the east from the North Fork trail head. Turn right and ride pavement back to where you started up the pavement before and re-trace your route into Beehive Basin and descend the single track to the Beehive trail head. When you reach that trail head, climb the steep road back to where you began. Just after an automatic gate for Summit View, look to the left and catch a single track that descends back to behind the Mountain Fire station. Time for a cold drink, you are done. CAUTION!!! This is Bear country, carry Bear spray. Watch for hikers and Horseback riders on most of this trail, make noise! Please avoid riding in the Lee Metcalfe Wilderness, all the boundaries are well marked
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Trail Directions
Start off of Sitting Bull Drive/Spur road (hwy 64) and either take the single track that climbs to the right just below the mountain fire station (steep!) or ride up the pavement about a mile.
Trail Length
15 Miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
Big Sky
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September 29, 2009

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 4 of 5

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 3 of 5

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 3 of 5

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Once a year

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Reviewed by: ewelling ,  Cross Country Rider

The way the initial description/review presents the route is, in my opinion, a lame way of riding this trail. Plus I can hardly understand the directions- it is only because I used to live in Big Sky that I can sort of follow the writer's intent. There is absolutely no need for a shuttle or to ride on the main road.
-Just go park at the North Fork trailhead, located 1.5+/- miles up a dirt road that begins at your standard forest service access sign "North Fk." on the right just 2.5 miles or so up the road from the Big Sky Meadow Village (maybe you were smart and stopped at the hungry moose to grab some pumpkin bread or some beers for afterwards... I don't feel like I earned beers after this ride, but if you aren't in great shape or rode it quickly you might deserve one)
-Once at the trailhead (hopefully you didn't take a turn and end up in the some private driveway), ride up the dirt road on the left (you will return via the trail on the right).
- Follow the dirt road for 2.2 miles until you see, pretty obviously, a random picnic table at a pullout/overlook- the trail you want, Beehive Ridge, is just 50 feet ahead on the right. Good single track here for another 2 miles almost.
-Then you top out and have to ride 200 feet of pavement; go right onto this and take the first trail on your right (the North Fork trail is also called trail 402 I believe)
- From here the downhill starts out, and gets pretty technical pretty quick so don't expect any time to get into a flow or anything. wheee.
- The only turn you should make is a left atop a super-short climb just after crossing the bridge (located just past the 6-mile mark after the singletrack is over; to go right would send you back uphill and I think it is closed to bikes because it goes into wilderness).

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)

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